Amazonite Palm Stone MDSG011

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Amazonite Palm Stone

Amazonite is associated with the purifying and life giving qualities of water.  Contemporary metaphysical properties of abundance, purification, and the truth derive from Egyptian folklore.  The Amazon River is named after the Amazons, a nation of female warriors in Greek mythology, so it is also associated with confidence, self improvement, and empowerment, especially for women.  It is also very good buffering for super sensitive folks. 

You will receive one hand polished amazonite palm stone.  It was difficult to capture the color, it appears slightly darker in the image.  They are a greenish blue color with white veining and some have small black inclusions.  They measure approximately 1 3/4” – 2 1/4” long by 1 1/4” – 1 3/4".  They weigh approximately 0.10 lbs. – 0.19 lbs.  Stock photo used.