2 Inch Quartz Skull MDSKU027

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2" Quartz Crystal Skull

Nader Kawar, owner of Enter the Earth, is a crystal skull connoisseur. Over the years he has made it a mission to produce some of the most anatomically correct crystal skull carvings on the market.  Our "high definition" skulls are among the most highly sought by true crystal skull enthusiasts because each one is an individual work of art.  The high definition skulls are labor intensive, individually carved, and use the most beautiful raw stone materials possible.    

Several years ago, Nader decided to also produce a mid-range crystal skull line that was less detailed--and far less costly--than the high definition ones, but which still maintained a higher quality stone material and overall finished aesthetic than what was available on the market.  Our commercially produced crystal skull line is the perfect compromise between art and function that everyone can enjoy. 

Crystal skulls represent many things to many people.  Museums around the world display a variety of crystal skull carvings that are considered to be ancient artifacts.  However, there is great debate about the age and origin of the crystal skulls, which were first documented in the 19th and early 20th century.  Unlike organic materials, there is no reliable test to date the manufacture of stone objects.  Whatever their true origin, they have become symbols in both popular culture and modern spirituality, representing ancient wisdom, the ancestors, and attained human enlightenment and higher consciousness/mind. 

Clear quartz was known historically as rock crystal. The name comes from the Greek krystallos (“ice”).  Authors in antiquity speculated that quartz was permanently frozen water.  Techniques to produce colorless glass were first developed in 15th century Venice.  It was called cristallo (Italian, “crystal”) after its resemblance to quartz. Quartz is piezoelectric. It produces an electrical charge when put under mechanical stress.  Thin slices of clear quartz are used as crystal oscillators to help clocks keep time and radios stabilize frequencies.  Quartz is sought in the metaphysical community because of its amplification, clarifying, and intention holding properties.

This listing is for 1 (one) quartz crystal skull that measures approximately 2" x 1 1/4" x 1/2" and weighs approximately 2.8 - 3 oz.  Please keep in mind that different monitors and screens can vary in color hues and lighting.  Sincere effort is made to maintain a representative example of what you can expect to receive.  Stock photo is used.