13 Tribe Rose Quartz Crystal Skull MDSKU060

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Rose Quartz Crystal Skull
Each Skull Measures Approximately:1" x 5/8" x 7/8"
Weighs Approximately: .3 ounces each and 3.6 oz for all 13

I've been wanting to put together a 13 Crystal Skull Set for awhile.  The legend of crystal skulls say that there are 13 ancient crystal skulls on the planet that will uncover cosmic information or activate a certain initiation to humanity when they are brought together in ceremony.  I have worked with crystal skulls for many years and have even sat with Max, the Ancient Crystal Skull, 3 times and had him inside the store in the Grove Arcade in October of 2012.  They do seem to be a part of a larger wisdom network, of sorts.  Beyond the experience that deep healing work seems to unfold with some crystal skulls that are particularly "woke", they are still very much a mystery.

This set of 13 rose quartz crystal skulls are among the smallest high definition skulls that Enter the Earth had created by master carvers in China.  I chose rose quartz because the energy of the stone is that of unconditional love.  If you are going to network, definitely start there.  You can remove the center skull and add one of your own that is much larger, if you care to, and then use the 13th small rose quartz skull as your "walk around anchor".  

I did a Crystal Whisper card pull for the set to more fully define the energies that are best supported by this tribe of crystal skulls.  The cards I pulled are as follows: Energy Regulators, Distance Worker, Sacred Sexuality, Restoration, Energy Body Worker, Abundance, and Manifestation.  When I do a reading, I group the cards by which ones support the meaning of a main theme. My interpretation of the cards would be that this set would assist distance healing/support work by modulating incoming and outgoing energies.  Likely, it would assist in the "hook up" in order that a smooth transfer of healing energy was maximized.  If you are supporting another being, I would put the picture of the intended recipient under the grid, perhaps with the healing intentions carefully defined.  Another theme was of support of the personal system of the keeper, particularly the vital life force of the sexual centers being able to be used for the restoration of the larger energy body.  I would recommend setting up the tribe under a chair and sitting over it during meditation.  Lastly, there was a clear message that the set could be used as a manifestation method.  When I see the cards "abundance" and "manifestation" together, it suggests to me that that bringing something to being in the material world is supported across many applications.  Abundance is just one application of manifestation, though it is often a main one that we care about.  I would be less attached to the abundance part, and more aware that manifestation is a way of competently co-creating your reality with the Divine Mind.  Use it well.  

Whomever becomes the keeper of this set, please cut and paste this description to your files before purchasing the set.  Once a listing is purchased, the description goes away.  If, for some reason, you did not receive the reading with your purchase, please email me at and let me know.  The grid template can be printed for free under the Grid Template bar on the website.  Activate it in the same way you activate any crystal grid.  

Nader Kawar, owner of Enter the Earth, is a crystal skull connoisseur. Over the years he has made it a mission to produce some of the most anatomically correct crystal skull carvings on the market.  Our "high definition" skulls are among the most highly sought by true crystal skull enthusiasts because each one is an individual work of art.  The high definition skulls are labor intensive, individually carved, and use the most beautiful raw stone materials possible.    

Crystal skulls represent many things to many people.  Museums around the world display a variety of crystal skull carvings that are considered to be ancient artifacts.  However, there is great debate about the age and origin of the crystal skulls, which were first documented in the 19th and early 20th century.  Unlike organic materials, there is no reliable test to date the manufacture of stone objects.  Whatever their true origin, they have become symbols in both popular culture and modern spirituality, representing ancient wisdom, the ancestors, and attained human enlightenment and higher consciousness/mind.