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Turquoise is a copper aluminum phosphate, secondary mineral. It is found in Iran, Afghanistan, Australia, Tibet, Peru, and the SW USA. It forms as a result of pre-existing minerals (apatite, feldspar, malachite) weathering and oxidizing over long periods of time. Turquoise is often recovered as a by-product of large-scale copper mining. The spidery veining visible in some specimens is a mineral called limonite, a type of iron.

Harmony, communication, protection.

  • Turquoise and Green Amethyst Pendant
    Turquoise and Green Amethyst Pendant
    This gorgeous pendant has a large Turquoise stone with blue-green and brown coloring.  A faceted light Green Amethyst stone hangs below the Turquoise.  Sterling Silver. Beautiful! Approx. 2.25" x 1.5" x 0.425"...
  • Turquoise & Topaz Pendant
    Turquoise & Topaz Pendant
    WOW!  This Turquoise Pendant is amazing!  The brown and blue stones are garnished with teardrop shaped faceted topaz. GORGEOUS!  Even more so in person! Sterling Silver Approx.  2.75"...
  • Turquoise Bracelet -  JBRA005
    Turquoise Bracelet - JBRA005
    This beautiful bracelet is one of a kind!  Just look at all the different shades of Turquoise used in this piece to make it truely unique!  WOW! Toggle Closure 9" long x 1" wide  x .75"...

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