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Labradorite is plagioclase feldspar with a hardness of 6-6.5. Its name is derived from the Labrador Peninsula in Canada where it was first identified by Moravian missionaries in 1770. The rich display of iridescent color in Labradorite is called “shiller”. The shiller effect is caused by the scattering of light from thin layers of a second feldspar that develops through internal chemical separation during the cooling of what was originally a single feldspar. It is found in Madagascar, Canada, Norway and Mexico. *All of our Labradorite is from Madagascar.

Protection, Magic, Imagination, Creativity.

  • Labradorite Freeform - MLABFF028
    Labradorite Freeform - MLABFF028
    This beautiful Labradorite Freeform has rainbow flash!  The blue fades to an aqua, then to green.  You can see a golden yellow and even some pink and purple!  Pictures just don't do it justice...
  • Copy of Labradorite Freeform, 1 side polished - MLAB1P003
    Copy of Labradorite Freeform, 1 side polished - MLAB1P003
    This STUNNING Labradorite Freeform is more beautiful in person!   One side has been polished the other side has been left rough in its natural state.  The polished side is filled with rainbow flash! You can...
  • Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB092
    Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB092
    This Labradorite pebble is VERY COOL. It's got gold and blue flash! Approx. 2.75" x 3." x .75" thick
  • Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB091
    Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB091
    This Labradorite pebble is GORGEOUS. It has high quality blue flash on both sides! Approx. 2.75" x 3.5" x 1" thick
  • Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB089
    Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB089
    WOAH so much gold and peach flash! There's even a bit of purple flash! Approx. 1.75" x 2.25" x .5" thick
  • Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB088
    Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB088
    Purple flash lovers, this one's for you! This Labradorite pebble has all the colors of the rainbow. It looks much better in person! Approx. 1.75" x 2" x 1.25"...
  • Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB086
    Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB086
    This Labradorite pebble has A LOT of the much sought after orange, pink, and purple flash! It is BEAUTIFUL and the pictures just don't do it justice. Approx. 1.5" x 2.5" x 1"...
  • Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB085
    Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB085
    This Labradorite's purple flash is AWESOME it's accompanied by fields of black ringed by rainbow flash, truly a beautiful specimen! Approx. 1.5" x 2.25" x 1"...
  • Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB078
    Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB078
    This lovely Labradorite Pebble is filled with purple, gold, peach, blue and pink flash!  Awesome! Approx. 3.25" x 1.5" x 0.5"...
  • Labradorite Heart - GLABH017
    Labradorite Heart - GLABH017
    This lovely Labradorite Heart is filled with golden flash!  You can see a little bit of blue as well.   This Labradorite Heart would make a great gift for your lover this Valentine's Day! Approx. 2.5" x 2" x...
  • Labradorite Freeform - MLABFF025
    Labradorite Freeform - MLABFF025
    The photos of this Labradorite Freeform do not do it justice!  It appears more washed out than it is in real life!  In person, you can see rainbow flash on the front side! cobalt blue to aqua to yellow and purple...
  • Labradorite 1 Side Polished Freeform - MLABFF026
    Labradorite 1 Side Polished Freeform - MLABFF026
    This pretty Labradorite Freeform is filled with silvery purple flash on one side. One side has been polished, the other side of this piece has been left rough, in it's natural state. Prettier in person! Approx.  3.75"...
  • Labradorite Heart - GLABH016
    Labradorite Heart - GLABH016
    This Labradorite Heart is filled with golden yellow flash!  You can see little bits of blue here and these as well.  This lovely Labradorite Heart would make a great Valentine's Day gift! Approx. 2125" x 2.125" x...
  • Labradorite Heart - GLABH015
    Labradorite Heart - GLABH015
    This sweet Labradorite Heart has mostly bright yellow flash on one side with blue and orange.  Turn it around and this piece of Labradorite flashes with yellow and orange -- and even alittle bit of purple!  A great...
  • Labradorite Heart - GLABH014
    Labradorite Heart - GLABH014
    I am loving this cool Labradorite Heart!  This heart was handcarved from a small chunk of Labradorite in Madagascar.  This flash in this piece is golden yellow, blue and a little green!  The other side has...
  • ECONOMY Labradorite Pebble, 1 (one) piece, Palm Stone, Medium- Madagascar STK003
    ECONOMY Labradorite Pebble, 1 (one) piece, Palm Stone, Medium- Madagascar STK003
    You will receive 1 (one) medium-sized Labradorite Pebble, similar to what is pictured.  Pebbles vary slightly in shape and color.  Some may have green flash, others may have yellow or blue or even multi-colored...
  • ECONOMY Labradorite Pebble, 1 (one) piece, Palm Stone, Large - Madagascar STK005
    ECONOMY Labradorite Pebble, 1 (one) piece, Palm Stone, Large - Madagascar STK005
    You will receive 1 (one) large-sized Labradorite Pebble, similar to what is pictured.  Pebbles vary slightly in shape and color.  Some may have blue flash, others may have green or yellow or even multi-colored...
  • Carved Labradorite Horse - GLAB006
    Carved Labradorite Horse - GLAB006
    WOW!  This impressive Labradorite carvings depicts a Horse rearing on it's hind legs near a Chinese coin.  The combination of horse and coin is traditionally used in Feng Shui to call in wealth, success, career...
  • Carved Labradorite Fish Scene - GLAB005
    Carved Labradorite Fish Scene - GLAB005
    This awesome carved Labradorite Fish Scene depicts two fish, one behind the other, swimming through seaweed with shells on the bottom.  The flash is a mix of blue, yellow and green. Polished.  Comes with a gift box...
  • Carved Labradorite Cat  - GLAB001
    Carved Labradorite Cat - GLAB001
    This sweet little carved Labradorite cat has blue flash with hints of yellow!  The flash is best seen at an angle, instead of straight on.  This carving depicts the cat sleeping.  Left unpolished to give the...
  • Labradorite Slab - MLABSL013
    Labradorite Slab - MLABSL013
    One side of this pretty Labradorite Slab is filled with yellow and orange flash with a tiny bit of aqua and pink!  The other side has more orange flash with a little bit of green and some purple!  You can see the...
  • Labradorite Freeform - MLABFF017
    Labradorite Freeform - MLABFF017
    This awesome Labradorite Freeform has pretty blue and aqua flash accented with gold! LOVE IT! Approx. 4" x 2.25" x 4.75" tall  ; weighs 3 lb. 11 oz...
  • Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB038
    Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB038
    One side of this Labradorite Pebble has blue flash with a hint of green.  There is also a small purple spot!  From one direction, it's purple, from another more of a yellow. The other side is a mix of blue,...
  • Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB034
    Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB034
    This awesome Labradorite Pebble is extrememly gemmy with super bright flash!  This one has a mix of yellow, green, and blue flash! PRETTY! Approx. 2.625" x 2.25" x 0.825"; weighs 5...
  • Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB033
    Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB033
    This cool Labradorite Pebble has one side filled with a denim blue colored flash.  WOW! Approx.  3.625" x 2" x 0...
  • Labradorite Freeform - MLABFF012 - Regularly $58.00
    Labradorite Freeform - MLABFF012 - Regularly $58.00
    WOW!  This small Labradorite Freefrom is super blue!!  There is some orangey yellow flash that surrounds the blue flash.  AWESOME! Approx. 3.5" x 1.75" x 2.5" ; weighs 1 lb. 1.6 oz...
  • Labradorite Freeform - MLABFF013
    Labradorite Freeform - MLABFF013
    I love this Labradorite Freeform!  This baby has green, aqua and gold flash! There is even a little bit of blue! AWESOME! Approx.  3.5" x 1.5" x 4.5" tall; 3 lbs. 1.0...
  • Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB043
    Labradorite Pebble - MLABPEB043
    This nice Labradorite Pebble has bright green flash with a hint of yellow.  The other side has orange flash with a hint of purple!  I love the striations running across it!  You can see the flash best when...

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