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Four spectacular cases of jewelry grace our gallery in Asheville...but don't worry, Enter the Earth Online carries beautiful jewelry, too!

All is set in sterling or fine silver and created by artists around the world.  In some cases, these artists use minerals and fossils brought to them by Nader through our wholesale business.

Most of our customers agree that we have the widest selection of unique mineral jewelry that they have ever seen!

Our selection ranges from thick, chunky bracelets with multiple rough stones to delicate and dainty faceted stone pendants.  We are constantly ordering new pieces from our favorite vendors to add to our overflowing inventory!  You will see lots of Tourmalines, Quartz, Amethyst, Opals, Peridot, Labradorite, Ocean Jasper, Larimar, Turquoise, Moonstones, Agates, Topaz, and Citrine. A few unusual gemstones such as Eudalite, Kyanite, rough Emeralds, Lepidolite, Azurite, and Staurolite, are also offered.


  • Stegodon Fossil Bone Beads 1 - 24 inch Strand - ETMB001
    Stegodon Fossil Bone Beads 1 - 24 inch Strand - ETMB001
    You will receive one (1) strand of Stegodon Bone Beads similar to what is pictured.  These are a grey and brown/beige color.  Each strand is approx. 24 inches long. Beads vary in size.  Approx. 11-15mm...
  • Tanzanite Necklace, Sterling Silver - JNec131
    Tanzanite Necklace, Sterling Silver - JNec131
    Wow!  This gorgeous necklace features 1.23 carats Tanzanite stores on a dainty Sterling Silver chain.  The Tanzanite stone in the middle of the pendant is a beautiful blue with a tiny hint of purple.  The...
  • Druzy Teardrop Pendant - JNEC126
    Druzy Teardrop Pendant - JNEC126
    This large Druzy Pendant has swirls of tiny, sparkling blue, green, yellow and purple crystals!  Depending on the position this Druzy pendant is held, the colors change.  This large teardrop pendant will definitely...
  • Blue Topaz and Chalcedony Earrings
    Blue Topaz and Chalcedony Earrings
    These earrings feature faceted Blue Topaz stones surrounded with an ornate silver design with a hint of oxidation.  Creamy yellow Chalcedony stones hangs below.  Sterling Silver. LOVE! Hang approx. 2" from top of...
  • Turquoise and Green Amethyst Pendant
    Turquoise and Green Amethyst Pendant
    This gorgeous pendant has a large Turquoise stone with blue-green and brown coloring.  A faceted light Green Amethyst stone hangs below the Turquoise.  Sterling Silver. Beautiful! Approx. 2.25" x 1.5" x 0.425"...
  • Green Amethyst Faceted Bead Necklace
    Green Amethyst Faceted Bead Necklace
    This necklace features gorgeous light Green Amethyst stones.  Each bead has been micro faceted and sparkles from every angle.  Sterling Silver Lobster clasp.  PRETTY! Approx. 19" long, adjustable...
  • Smoky Quartz Cross Pendant
    Smoky Quartz Cross Pendant
    This beautiful pendant features six faceted Smoky Quartz stones taking the shape of a cross with a little silverwork around the edges.  Sterling Silver. LOVELY! Approx. 1.625" x 0.75" x 0.125"...
  • Australian Opal & Apatite Pendant
    Australian Opal & Apatite Pendant
    This gorgeous pendant has a faceted blue-green Apatite stone.  Hanging below it is a lovely Australian Opal.  It was hard to capture the beauty of this opal with the camera.  In person, you will see green and...
  • Shark Tooth Necklace Clear w/ Black Braided Cord 1 (one) piece
    Shark Tooth Necklace Clear w/ Black Braided Cord 1 (one) piece
    How cool are these Shark Tooth Necklaces?! You will receive 1 (one) Shark Tooth Necklace with a Clear backing and black braided cord similar to what is pictured.  Each fossil is different but you are sure to love the...
  • Rainbow Calcite Pendant
    Rainbow Calcite Pendant
    How cool is this Rainbow Calcite Pendant?!  This little beauty has Southwestern feel.  I love all the colors! AMAZING! Sterling Silver Approx.  2.5" long; weighs 0.6...
  • Kyanite Pendant - Regularly $38.00
    Kyanite Pendant - Regularly $38.00
    Rough Black Kyanite is accented beautifully by Sterling Silver swirls. 2.25" long, x 1" wide, x .5" thick
  • Obsidian, Pearl, and Blue and White Topaz Pendant - Regularly $78.00
    Obsidian, Pearl, and Blue and White Topaz Pendant - Regularly $78.00
    The name of this pendant says it all... Black Obsidian, Pearl, bright Blue Topaz and White Topaz.  Nice contrasts! 1" x 1.5" x .25" thick *Chain sold...
  • Ammonite, White Topaz & Druze Quartz Pendant - Regularly $178.00
    Ammonite, White Topaz & Druze Quartz Pendant - Regularly $178.00
    This pendant is a mix of rugged beauty and "shebang"!  The ammonite almost appears rough alongside the titanium metal geode of druze quartz.  The titanium has a colorful shimmer and all is set next to a faceted...
  • Larimar Pendant - JNEC086
    Larimar Pendant - JNEC086
    The bale on this blue Larimar Pendant reminds me of a dolphin's tail!  So gorgeous!  Perfect for summer! Approx.  2.125"...
  • Larimar Pendant - JNEC085
    Larimar Pendant - JNEC085
    This beautiful tropical blue Larimar pendant has a shell-insipred bale. LOVE THIS ONE!  Sterling Silver. Approx.  2"...
  • Larimar Pendant - JNEC091
    Larimar Pendant - JNEC091
    This beautiful Larimar Pendant is perfect for summer!  I love the incredible aqua blue color! Sterling silver Approx.  1.75"...
  • Turquoise & Topaz Pendant
    Turquoise & Topaz Pendant
    WOW!  This Turquoise Pendant is amazing!  The brown and blue stones are garnished with teardrop shaped faceted topaz. GORGEOUS!  Even more so in person! Sterling Silver Approx.  2.75"...
  • Chalcedony Druze Pendant
    Chalcedony Druze Pendant
    This sparkling Chalcedony Druze pendant has been heat treated which causes the tiny crystals to turn shades of pink, blue and green. GORGEOUS! Sterling Silver Approx. 2" x 1.25" x ...
  • Larimar Pendant - JNEC028
    Larimar Pendant - JNEC028
    I love the shape and color of this cool Larimar pendant! The teardropped shaped stone is over 1.5" long, and with the unique bail it is over 2". A thin sterling chain would look great on this piece...
  • Star Druze Necklace, Multi Color - Regularly $262.00
    Star Druze Necklace, Multi Color - Regularly $262.00
    I love the STAR necklaces and pendants! They make such a statement and look great on! Set in sterling silver, druze quartz cabs are cut into various shapes and heat treated. Heat treating the druze gives it that fun...
  • Star Druze Necklace, Yellow - Regularly $262.00
    Star Druze Necklace, Yellow - Regularly $262.00
    These druze cabs have been heat treated, giving them the yellow flash that makes these necklaces so cool! Completely natural druze still sparkles, just with a hint of gold. The funky sterling chain adds to the uniqueness...
  • Kyanite & Blue Druze Pendant
    Kyanite & Blue Druze Pendant
    I love this pendant!!  Flashy blue Kyanite hangs above a sparkling blue druze stone.  I love the detail in the Sterling Silver around the stones.  Even prettier in person! Approx. 0.75" x 2...
  • Black Onyx Necklace
    Black Onyx Necklace
    This Black Onyx Necklace is INCREDIBLE!!!  A large faceted black onyx crystal hangs from a large, chunky chain with several different styles of links.  I LOVE the chain! GORGEOUS!! 23 inch adjustable...
  • Pyritized Ammonite Pendant - JNEC097
    Pyritized Ammonite Pendant - JNEC097
    This amazing Pyritized Ammonite has been made into a necklace by local artist Don Haywood.  This fossil is covered in pyrite and has tiny pyrite druze crystals in it's chambers! LOVE THIS! Approx. 1.425" x 2...
  • Fossil Ivory & Fire Agate Pendant
    Fossil Ivory & Fire Agate Pendant
    This pendant is so cool!!  A large piece of fossil Ivory hangs below an orangey brown Fire Agate.  I love the detail in the silver! SWEET! Approx. 0.825" x 2.125" Sterling...
  • Fossil Walrus Pendant
    Fossil Walrus Pendant
    This amazing pendant was carved from fossil walrus bone or tusk!  I love the detail in the silver. VERY COOL! Approx. 1.5" x 2...
  • Pyritized Ammonite Pendant - JNEC106
    Pyritized Ammonite Pendant - JNEC106
    This awesome Pyritized Ammonite Pendant has great shine!  I love the silver work in this pendant, it flows well with the fossil. SWEET!  Even more incredible in person! Approx. 1.25" x 2" (from top of bale to...
  • Larimar Pendant - JNEC114
    Larimar Pendant - JNEC114
    This gorgeous Larimar Pendant has two stonesof exceptional quality!  The silver has a hammered textured appearance. AWESOME! Approx. 2.25" long x 0.5"...
  • Butterfly Wing Earrings - JEAR018
    Butterfly Wing Earrings - JEAR018
    These Butterfly Wing earrings are even more beautiful in person! These are filled with black and purple.  Notice there is a tiny bit of green near the bottom! Hang approx. 1.5" from top of earwire to bottom of...
  • Tourmaline Earrings
    Tourmaline Earrings
    These gorgeous earrings have Watermelon Tourmaline slices accenting the brushed silver.  You can see a chaing hangs behind the silver charm. SO PRETTY!! I love these!  Very unique! Sterling Silver, post...

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