Marovato Ocean Jasper Extra Large Rough Chunk MDOJ095

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Marovato Ocean Jasper Rough

While Ocean Jasper only comes from one place in the world, the northwestern corner of Madagascar, there are two distinct deposits, about ten miles apart: Marovato, along the shoreline, and Kabamby, further inland.   The Matovato material is the better known, with its rainbow color palette and large variety of orbs, from completely spherical to eye like bands.

While the mine at Kabamby is still productive, the veins in Marovato are currently tapped out.  Ocean Jasper is a modern discovery, mined primarily from 1999-2006.  A new vein was discovered in 2013 but has already been exhuasted.  To read more about the history, geology, and varieties of Ocean Jasper, check out the article on our main website, Enter the Earth.

Ocean Jasper is associated metaphysically with purification, balancing “parts to wholes”, like working on a specific chakra and then helping it integrate back into the energy body, and emotional, mental, and physical well being. To read more about the metaphysical properties of Ocean Jasper, check out Christopher’s blog on our website and Stacie’s blog here.

This large piece of Ocean Jasper rough measures approximately 6 3/4" X 4 1/4" X 7 1/4" and weighs approximately 8.58 lbs.   One side of the piece is entirely covered in small translucent spheres, brown to golden yellow in color.  It is surrounded by translucent chalcedony, with brown and white orbs.  The rest of the piece is white, green, and gold, with a few pockets of pale green druzy quartz crystals.