Celadonite Phantom Quartz Point 1 1/4 - 2" MDSG019

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Celadonite Phantom Quartz Point

Celadonite is a sea green, blue green, or blackish green mineral from the mica group. It is rare and potent.  Celadonite's contemporary meanings include longevity, physical healing, and regulating the flow of spiritual energy.

Celadonite is used to produce the pigment terre verte from the French, “green earth”.  This explains the trade name “green earth quartz” for celadonite phantom quartz.  Because of this symbolism, many use it for abundance, earth healing, and grounding.

This point is also a "phantom" and because it captures a moment of time, phantoms are used for past life work.  Phantoms are also associated with connecting to guides.  Because of its green color, celadonite phantom quartz is believed to support communication with healing and nature related spiritual beings.

You will receive one celadonite phantom quartz crystal from this lot.  Each crystal should have a phantom but the individual pieces do vary in appearance.  They are not polished, some have small chips.  The crystals in this set are approximately 1 1/4" to 2" long - 1/2" wide.