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Our Rhodochrosite comes from the Capillitas Mine in Argentina.  Originally worked for its silver, this locality is one of the most famous sources for this stone, with its vivid pink colors and flower like patterning.  The name Rhodochrosite comes from the Greek rhodokhros ("having a rosy color"). It is a manganese carbonate mineral, a cousin of calcite, colored red to pink by its manganese content.

  • Rhodochrosite Specimen MRH004
    Rhodochrosite Specimen MRH004
    This giant Rhodochrosite specimen weights about a pound and a half and is over 4" long!  WOW!!  This baby has small pink flower patterns in the center surrounded by elongated ripples.  One side has been...
  • Rhodochrosite Specimen MRH003
    Rhodochrosite Specimen MRH003
    How cool is this Rhodochrosite specimen from Argentina?! It is in stalactite form with a polished end revealing pink flower bursts and ripple patterns!  Incredible! Approx. 2.25" x 3" x 2"; weighs 15 oz...
  • Rhodochrosite Specimen MRH002
    Rhodochrosite Specimen MRH002
    This gorgeous Rhodochrosite specimen has two large flower bursts in the center surrounded with ripples!  One side is polished while the other side left rough.  The natural side is somewhat sparkly in the pink...
  • Rhodochrosite Specimen MRH001
    Rhodochrosite Specimen MRH001
    Check out this amazing Rhodochrosite specimen! This piece weighs in at 10oz!  You can see several pink flower bursts surrounded with ripples.  One side of this piece of Rhodochrosite has been polished, the rest...

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