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Nautiluses are members of the cephalopod family.  They have survived several severe extinction events that destroyed most other sea life.  A possible reason for the longevity of the nautilus clan is an ability to enter a type of "hibernation" life mode that can bridge long periods of poor environmental conditions.  Nautiluses are often confused with Ammonites- but look closely and you'll notice the patterns on the insides and outsides are actually very different.

  • Whole Nautilus - FNAU015
    Whole Nautilus - FNAU015
    This our larger size Madagascar Nautilus, weighing about 9 1/2 lbs! This fossil has most of it's original shell.  You can even see some red opalescence!  There are also some turitella imprints on the...
  • Whole Nautilus - FNAU016
    Whole Nautilus - FNAU016
    I love this Whole Nautilus!  This beauty is filled with yellow calcite!  There is a small area on this fossil that has a little bit of druze. (It's hard to see it in the photos - it is at the bottom near the...

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