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Agate is the name given to a group of aggregates of various forms of silica, chiefly chalcedony. According to legend, the agate (achates) was named for the river Achates, now the Drillo, in Sicily, where the stone was first found. They form in nodules or holes in ancient lava flows. Water slowly percolates through the nodule depositing silica from the cooled lava in regular layers. Sometimes the silica contains minerals, when this happens a banding effect is visible. In different specimens the banding stops meaning the deposition has not proceeded far enough to fill the cavity resulting in a hollow space. The final deposit usually consists of quartz, often amethyst-having apices of the crystals directed toward the free space, this is called a geode. Agate can form in various patterns depending on the minerals and the time they were deposited.

Stabilizing, Strengthening.

  • Agate Druzy Skull - MSKU006
    Agate Druzy Skull - MSKU006
    WOW!  This gorgeous Agate Skull has Amethyst druzy crystals on top and inside the dome and on the eye and cheek!  This skull is a geode!  There is also some pretty incredible banding that runs around the...
  • Agate Dendrite Pebble - MAGA004
    Agate Dendrite Pebble - MAGA004
    This Agate pebble has branch-like Dendrite patterns inside!  Most of the pebble has a semi translucent milky grey color accented by brown spots NICE!! Approx. 3.425" x 2" x 1"; weighs 6.6 oz...
  • Agate Dendrite Pebble - MAGA003
    Agate Dendrite Pebble - MAGA003
    This cool Agate pebble has dark brown Dendrites!  The Dendrites are the branch-like patterns you can see... and this one has a lot of Dendrites!  This Agate pebble has milky white colors and semi translucent greys...
  • Agate Geode Bookends - GBKND003
    Agate Geode Bookends - GBKND003
    These gorgeous Agate bookends can be displayed two ways!  This pair has a dark green color.  You can see the banding very well.  Two sides have been polished, and the exterior left as it's original geode...
  • Agate Geode Bookends - GBKND004
    Agate Geode Bookends - GBKND004
    These gorgeous Agate bookends can be displayed two ways!  This pair has great color!  The multi-color banding includes a reddish orange, blueish grey, and yellow!  There is a small druze center.  Two...
  • Fossil Ivory & Fire Agate Pendant
    Fossil Ivory & Fire Agate Pendant
    This pendant is so cool!!  A large piece of fossil Ivory hangs below an orangey brown Fire Agate.  I love the detail in the silver! SWEET! Approx. 0.825" x 2.125" Sterling...
  • Agate Multi Gemstone Bracelet
    Agate Multi Gemstone Bracelet
    I love this bracelet! It is a fabulous combination of Agate, Mother of Pearl, and Smoky Quartz, all set in sterling silver. Each segment of stone measures over an inch! This bracelet fits a 6.5"- 8" wrist...
  • Agate & Amber Bracelet
    Agate & Amber Bracelet
    The stones on this agate and amber bracelet are almost 1.5" long each, but the bracelet itself is nice and light. Each piece is translucent. The agate reveals intricate patterns and the amber is full of inclusions. It fits...

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