Sterling Silver Slide for Bold Pendants MDJEW046

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Sterling Silver Slide Necklace
925 Sterling Silver 
Measures Approximately 6" from bottom to top, 5 1/2" across, 1/8" thick
Fits a wide variety of neck sizes
Pendants Not Included

This slide wire is kinda magic.  Most of the labradorite pendants that we just posted were shown on this slide.  The owner's sister was the model for the photos and she is a very petite, slender woman.  We got a picture of it on my neck as well, and the darn thing like a glove.  I'm way more *coughs* robustly built than she is and it fits us both perfectly.  I was a bit surprised, to be honest.  

This slide is perfect for your bold pendants that you want to put on display in their very best light.  It's sturdy without being super wide, so you can get a very wide variety of pendants on it that have just enough room on their bail to slide right on.  I'm going to say that at least 95% or more of the pendants that we carry would go onto this just fine.