SS Butterfly Wing Earrings MDJEW022

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 Butterfly Wing Earrings in Sterling Silver

Butterfly wing jewelry is absolutely gorgeous.  It shows the magical depth and sheen that flashes on a butterfly's wings as well as having a flip side that shows the earth tone camouflage that butterflies have to protect themselves from predators.  The wings are collected from butterfly farms, which are helping to build their populations, once the butterflies have died a natural death.  No butterflies were killed to create this jewelry!  The wings are pressed between two thin pieces of glass to show both sides.  Please don't wear your butterfly wing jewelry in wet or overly moist situations.  Butterflies represent complete transformation, beauty, grace, and the ability to evade predators through clever defense instead of aggression. 

 The earrings measure approximately 1 1/8 X 3/4 X 3/16ths" each and are double sided