Solar Flare Support Pouch MDPH005

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The Solar Flare Support Pouch
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Solar flares that are directed towards Earth project CME's (Coronal Mass Ejection) that, once reaching the planet, produce amazing auroras at the poles, but it also creates a magnetic field disturbance.  If you are sensitive to energy in general or are particularly in tune with planetary lightwork, you might notice that solar flares mess with you harder than you might understand.  I have my email set to receive notifications from when there is a solar flare that results in an Earth bound CME, because I would like to know ahead of time if I'm going to be a complete lunatic.  The flares make me, and many others, feel whacked out, stressed, confused, anxious, exhausted but unable to sleep well, emotional, etc.  If you aren't watching for them, you may just feel off balance without knowing why.  

The stones included are those associated with the positive aspects of solar energy as well as stones that mitigate the discomfort that can follow on the heels of a potent flare.  Just remember, when  auroras are happening, there is a magnetic disturbance.  Humans also have a magnetic energy field, so it's not even wooey science to claim that the solar flares have a direct influence on our systems.  

This pouch would be great to have on your person during the days of magnetic disturbances from solar flare activity.  If you are having disturbed sleep, try tucking it into your pillow case.

The cloth pouch is not photographed, but it is included.  Colors of the pouch may vary. 

This set includes: Petrified wood, girasol quartz, yellow opal, shungite, sunstone, lodestone, ruby, amblygonite, and lepidolite.

We use representative stock photos when the specimens or sets are similar. This allows us to save you money. We generally select the least impressive set of all that have been assembled to use for stock photos so that you will at the very least get what is photographed, or better. :)

Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved this tool or specimen for any purpose. The descriptions are spiritual and intuitive in nature and reflect our best philosophical opinion of esoteric and metaphysical purposes of these tools. Please see an appropriate health care provider for any conditions you may have.