Shungite 6mm Beaded Necklace 18-20" Long MDJEW051

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Shungite Beaded Necklace
Measures Approximately: 18-20" Adjustable Length
Approximately: 50pc of 6mm beads
Base Metal (Not Sterling Silver)
For 1 (ONE) Necklace
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Shungite is the bomb.  It's probably one of the most popular rocks out there right not that even non-rock people are seeking out.  Many people believe that shungite is protective against unhealthy electric fields.  There does seem to be some initial, compelling research, but there isn't enough research, and there are no "directions" on how much is enough to be protective--so, please don't consider yourself "safe" just because you wear shungite accessories.  Still limit your exposure to unhealthy energy fields whenever possible.

That being said, shungite is still one of my favorite personal support stones.  It feels like a great big transformational filter to me, but with a bunch of attitude.  Shungite has always felt like it is aligned with a deeply primal aspect of Gaia that is all about alchemical transmutation of things that need to be broken down and recyled into something better.  I've written a long article about shungite way back in 2012, before too many people were fully aware of it yet.  You can read that article by clicking here.