Removing Obstacles & Blockages Pouch MDPH016

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The Removing Obstacles & Blockages Pouch
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It seems to me that more than half of all healing work revolves around breaking through some kind of obstruction or blockage in your energy system and networks of connectivity.  Sometimes, the blockages can be on your life path as well.  The stones in this pouch version of the grid of the same name were selected for their elemental potency to smack through stubborn or hidden blockages and to help support Divine Wisdom and guidance to get you past whatever is holding you back.  

I would recommend using these stones intuitively to place on the body where you feel you may have blockages in your energy system.  I would also recommend creating a non-contact gem elixir with them.  You can read my blog about creating a gem elixir by clicking here.

The cloth pouch is not photographed, but it is included.  Pouch colors may vary.              

The Stones Included: Malachite, tektite, kyanite, hiddenite, lapis, chrysoprase, cataclasite, amethyst elestial, and emerald.

We use representative stock photos when the specimens or sets are similar. This allows us to save you money. We generally select the least impressive set of all that have been assembled to use for stock photos so that you will at the very least get what is photographed, or better. :)

Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved this tool or specimen for any purpose. The descriptions are spiritual and intuitive in nature and reflect our best philosophical opinion of esoteric and metaphysical purposes of these tools. Please see an appropriate health care provider for any conditions you may have.