Ocean Jasper® & Green Earth Healer Pocket Rock Set MDPR013

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Ocean Jasper®
& Green Earth Healer Quartz Pocket Rock Set

The use of pocket rocks as a form of crystal healing therapy is, imho, is a sorely under-utilized strategy.  The front pocket position puts stones at the groin placement, which directly relates to both the root and the sacral chakras.  Those are important energy centers for getting things done at the physical and material level.  Mindful and well-thought combinations used for pocket rocks can be a powerful way of supporting you in ways that you seek.

The Ocean Jasper® and Green Earth Healer (aka: Reiki Quartz) combo would be especially good for anyone dealing with a significant healing situation that requires long recovery of a physical or emotional nature.  It would be fantastic support for other therapies, conventional or alternative, to be as useful as possible. 

To read far more in depth about Ocean Jasper®, please click here.  
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I chose specimens that would fit well inside pockets without it looking like you were too happy to see anyone.  I would put them in your pockets daily as part of your routine and clean them with some white sage or palo santo weekly, or more often, if you feel prompted.  You can also use this set with more intention, by meditating or journeying with them while focusing on intentions that support your well-being.  I would also recommend this set as professional assistance for those who do distance healing work on others.  I would also recommend that you put the set out during full moons and perhaps even some good thunderstorm activity to recharge the batteries, so to speak.

A stock photo is used, but I have selected the sets to be as consistent as possible.  The Ocean Jasper® is approximately 1 1/4 X 1 1/2 X 1" and the Green Earth approximately 1 - 1 1/2".  The set weighs approximately .07 lbs.  You will receive ONE set of 1 Ocean Jasper® and 1 Green Earth Healing Quartz, a total of two stones.