Ocean Jasper® Crystal Skull MDSKU037

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Ocean Jasper® 
Crystal Skull
Measures Approximately:5" x 3" x 4"
Weighs Approximately: 3 lbs 3.4 oz

I did a Crystal Whisper card pull to determine what specific themes that this crystal skull may assist.  I pulled the card "Relationships" and "Distance Worker" together.  This means to me that it assists in deep connections established between a healer and distance subjects, or a person and his/her loved ones.  The other cards that I pulled, that were pulled as an overarching theme were Death/Dying/Grief Worker, Global Worker, and Integration/Processing.  This is serious work, but it's true that there are those I call "Global Lightworkers" out there who do all manner of difficult and heavy work processing the collective grief of humanity.  It's not a large group of people, but they are deeply dedicated to cleaning up the collective goo of pain that is stuck in the larger human consciousness, which makes it heavier and denser.  This Ocean Jasper® skull also has brecciated areas on it.  That means that parts of the rock fractured and then were filled in with another mineral.  That always means that the rock is one that is fully attuned to the process of shattering and healing.  Very powerful worker.  If you are the next keeper, please cut and paste the reading before you purchase, because once bought, the system takes the listing and descriptions down.

Ocean Jasper® is not a true jasper.  It is an orbicular chalcedony instead.  It consists of spherical chalcedony, quartz and chalcedony grains, and star bursts and druzes of quartz crystals.  Ocean Jasper® was discovered in October 1999 by Paul Obeniche near the village of Marovato.  Mr. Obeniche is the mentor of Nader Kawar, the owner of Enter the Earth.  We took over operations of the mines when he retired in 2013.  Rough material has been found alone, washed out by severe weather, in small pockets, or in a number of different veins.  Each vein has distinct characteristics.  You can read more about them on our Ocean Jasper geology blog.

While the Ocean Jasper® found near the village of Marovato is better known, a second deposit is found further inland near the village of Kabamby.  They are about ten miles apart.  While the Marovato material varies greatly in color, Kabamby Ocean Jasper®is consistently green and yellow.  It tends to have larger orbs and a polygonal patterning created when they touch. 

Ocean Jasper® is associated metaphysically with purification, balancing “parts to wholes”, like working on a specific chakra and then helping it integrate back into the energy body, and emotional, mental, and physical well being. To read more about the metaphysical properties of Ocean Jasper®, check out Christopher’s blog on our website and Stacie’s blog here.

The crystal whisper cards suggest that this is a major weave worker, meaning that it is for a global lightworker that deals with removing negative imprints on the consciousness weaves of humanity, ancestral matrix, and so on.  See facebook for the cards.

Nader Kawar, owner of Enter the Earth, is a crystal skull connoisseur. Over the years he has made it a mission to produce some of the most anatomically correct crystal skull carvings on the market.  Our "high definition" skulls are among the most highly sought by true crystal skull enthusiasts because each one is an individual work of art.  The high definition skulls are labor intensive, individually carved, and use the most beautiful raw stone materials possible.    

Crystal skulls represent many things to many people.  Museums around the world display a variety of crystal skull carvings that are considered to be ancient artifacts.  However, there is great debate about the age and origin of the crystal skulls, which were first documented in the 19th and early 20th century.  Unlike organic materials, there is no reliable test to date the manufacture of stone objects.  Whatever their true origin, they have become symbols in both popular culture and modern spirituality, representing ancient wisdom, the ancestors, and attained human enlightenment and higher consciousness/mind.