Ocean Jasper® Cabochon MDOJ098

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Ocean Jasper®

While Ocean Jasper® only comes from one place in the world, the northwestern corner of Madagascar, there are two distinct deposits, about ten miles apart: Marovato, along the shoreline, and Kabamby, further inland. While the veins in Marovato are currently tapped out, the mine at Kabamby is still productive, yielding a distinctly yellow and green stone, sometimes red and cream. Its orbs tend to be larger than the Marovato material and can produce a unique geometric patterning where they touch one another. To read more about the geology of Ocean Jasper® check out the article on our main website, Enter the Earth.

Ocean Jasper® is associated metaphysically with purification, balancing “parts to wholes”, like working on a specific chakra and then helping it integrate back into the energy body, and emotional, mental, and physical well being. To read more about the metaphysical properties of Ocean Jasper®, check out Christopher’s blog on our website and Stacie’s blog here.

A cabochon is a cut and polished stone, without facets, crafted to fit into jewelry.  Cabochons are typically domed, with a flat back, and rounded outline.  The name comes from the Middle French caboche + on, meaning “a little head”.   The similar term caboched was used in heraldry for animals showing only their faces, their head truncated by a straight line.  Ocean Jasper® is especially well suited for cabochons because the shape reveals its orbicular growth patterns.

Besides being used in jewelry, cabochons can be used metaphysically in art projects, during meditation, or in body layouts.  Their flat back prevents them from rolling off during energy work.  For example, they are great on the Third Eye chakra, Throat chakra, and arms and legs, where tumbled stones have more difficulty staying put.  Their dome shape is said to collect and radiate out energy, like a bowl.

This Ocean Jasper® cabochon measures approximately 40mm X 30 mm and weighs approximately 0.03 lbs.  It has white concentric orbs, some with red and brown highlights, in a field of white and brown agate layers. chalcedony and clear druzy quartz.