Natural Citrine Point MDCIT006

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Natural Citrine Point

Citrine is like sweet golden sunshine.  The natural stuff is almost impossible to find.  Most citrine on the market is heat treated amethyst.  Our citrine is how Mamma Nature makes it.  It's one of the best abundance and prosperity stones out there, but it is also a very spiritual energy.  Most of our natural citrine also mingles with natural smoky quartz, such as smoky phantoms, which look like wisps of smoke or layers within the crystal.  This adds a layer of protection, grounding, and the ability to address issues across many layers, lifetimes, or dimensions. 

I have written about natural citrine in my blog.  If you'd like to read that, please click here.

Whoa.  This point is really golden with wispy smoky phantoms by the tip.  At one angle, you can see the smoky phantom layered like straight lines leaning into the crystal.  I don't even know how to describe it properly.  I would recommend to just gaze at the photo and request to attune to the crystal and just let it speak to you directly.  Yeah, even sometimes I run out of words.  Hard to believe, I know.    

This piece weighs approximately 2.29 lbs and measures 6 5/8 X 3 X 2 1/2".