Lodolite "Aquarium" Quartz Pebble MDQTZ018

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Lodolite aka Aquarium Quartz

The trade name “lodolite” refers to transparent quartz with inclusions of other minerals that resembles a miniature landscape, typically from Brazil or Madagascar.  The name comes from the Portuguese lodolita, “sediment stone”, from lodo, meaning “mud, silt, mire”.  It is better known by its more poetic trade names like “scenic quartz”, “garden quartz”, “aquarium quartz”, “shaman quartz”, and “dream quartz”.

You   will receive this completely polished "aquarium quartz" pebble.   It has some natural cracks and less smooth areas where the inclusions  were near the surface.  It measures   approximately 1 1/4” by 2 1/4”, by 1".  It weighs approximately 0.22   lbs.