Labradorite Polished Freeform MDLAB001

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Labradoite Polished Freeform

Labradorite is one of the most useful stones to work with as it is fabulous for energy cleansing, auric field strengthening, and support for flashes of insight, intuition, and brilliance/creativity.

To read more about labradorite (the rather blathery version of my take on labradorite), you can click here.

This particular piece is big enough to be a decorator/sacred space piece, but not so big that you couldn't use it for direct interaction with the chakras.  I would recommend holding it at each energy center and say, "I request to initate cleansing and purification of this chakra, now please."  Give each center about 3-5 minutes each.   


It is approximately 5 1/2 X 3 3/4 X 2".  It weighs approximately 2.86 lbs.