Labradorite and Black Tourmaline Stretchy Bracelet MDJEW053

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Labradorite & Black Tourmaline Stretchy Bracelet
8mm beads - 8 Black Tourmaline, 14 Labradorite beads, 4 CZ Spacers
For 1 (ONE) Bracelet
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There are two types of "bracelet people", fine and elastic.  I am mostly an elastic bracelet person for a couple of reasons.  One, my bracelet budget is decidedly not very high.  Fine bracelets can be among the most expensive pieces of jewelry to purchase.  Second, I live alone.  I need to be able to snap my bracelet on without needing help from anyone else.  Also, I tend to wear stretchy bracelets for energetic support and am somewhat less concerned with the bling effect.  Additionally, I usually wear the same bracelets on each wrist, Wonder Woman style, because I have always felt more balanced when I have the energies supporting both sides of my body to account for polarity in my energy field.

Can you get a better combo than labradorite and black tourmaline for a good protective rock collaboration?  I guess shungite and smoky quartz would also be good with them, but the beautiful thing about stretchy bracelets is that you are allowed to wear a bunch of them at a time.  It's a good look. 

Labradorite is incidentally protective in the same way that a good adaptogen or herbal remedy protects you from being vulnerable to stress, which makes you less vulnerable to unhealthy organisms that make you sick.  It does this through the flash effect, that is associated with the outer auric field.  The flash energetically is said to "fill in" and "strengthen" areas of the field that are ripped and have voids or weaknesses.  This, indeed, is like having a better immunity to inappropriate energetic influence, plus all the other things labradorite is good at.  

Black Tourmaline is an assertive and active protection stone that is said to behave like a mirror, projecting negative energies that are directed by others to you.  It is also very grounding, aligning, and stabilizing.  If you need more stabilizing, consider adding petrified wood to your wrists--or ankles--which would be another great placement.