ETE Mining Practices

What is Enter the Earth?

Enter the Earth is a North Carolina based company owned by Amy and Nader Kawar.  We have a retail store and wholesale warehouse in Asheville, North Carolina and a factory in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.  We also operate the Ocean Jasper mines in the Sofia region of northwestern Madagascar.

What are our mining practices?

Ocean Jasper is collected by shallow surface mining, no deeper than most house foundations underground. While all mining has an environmental impact, we use no heavy machinery, explosives, or harsh chemicals. We follow standard land reclamation practices.

How are our workers in Madagascar treated?

We not only pay our workers a fair wage, we are part of the community. Many of our suppliers are Madagascan owned businesses, operated by the same families for generations.

Enter the Earth has built both a school and a clinic near the Ocean Jasper mines. We also pay for the tuition, books, and school supplies for all our employees’ children. Finally, we observe many American pay practices there like holiday pay, overtime pay, and goal based bonuses.      

Are our stones treated?

None of our Madagascan materials are dyed nor artificially irradiated. A limited number are heated to enhance their color like blue apatite, most carnelian, and some hematoid quartz.