Clear Quartz Offering Bowl MDQTZ038

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Clear Quartz Offering Bowl

This freeform bowl has been carved from a solid block of Madagascan clear quartz. It could be used as an offering bowl, for clearing or charging other crystals, herbs, or oils, or for preparing gem elixirs.  Clear quartz is the "mother stone" of the quartz family.  Trace inclusions of other minerals tint it different colors, producing semi precious gemstones like purple amethyst, golden citrine, and brown smoky quartz.

Clear quartz is endlessly adaptable, suitable for supporting almost any intention.  This makes it a good all purpose support, something that should be in every energy worker's toolkit.  Just like white light contains all the colors of the rainbow, clear quartz can align any chakra or be used to balance the entire energy body.  Clear and cool to the touch, quartz was associated historically with water and used spiritually for purification, pyschic development, and connecting to the spiritual realm.

This bowl measures approximately 7" X 7 1/2" X 3 1/2" and weighs approximately 5.40 lbs.  It is roughly circular and shape and deep, with a thicker lip.  The quartz itself is misty white from veiling.  Quartz this large almost always has natural internal fractures.  This piece has a few minor ones down one side and parallel the lip on another.  It also has some small voids from crystal growth and inclusions.