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Celestite is a strontium sulfate mineral with a hardness of 3 to 3.5. Its name derives from the Latin caelestis meaning “heavenly” or “of the sky”, inspired by its delicate blue crystals. Celestite is typically found in sedimentary rocks, particularly in cavities in sandstone or limestone. It has an orthorhombic crystal system and occurs in massive, fibrous, granular or nodular forms. Celestite is most often found in geodes. Strontium from celestite has a chemical property that produces a characteristic red flame, and as a result, is commonly used as an additive in pyrotechnics to add brilliant red color to fireworks!

Cleansing, Clears attachments, infections, or weakness, Activates metabolism and kidney function.

  • Celestite Specimen - MCEL023
    Celestite Specimen - MCEL023
    WOW!  This piece of Celestite is incredible!!  This one has large chunky, dark blue crystals! Amazing! Approx.  8" x 5.125" x 4"; weighs 7 lb. 4.5 oz...
  • Celestite Specimen - MCEL015 - Regularly $244.00
    Celestite Specimen - MCEL015 - Regularly $244.00
    This piece of Celestite is AMAZING! Check out the giant blue crystal protruding from the middle of the opening. Beautiful! Approx. 6" x 4" x 5...
  • Celestite Specimen - MCEL005 - Regularly $174.00
    Celestite Specimen - MCEL005 - Regularly $174.00
    WOW!! This piece of Celestite is awesome!  Check out all the light blue crystals protruding from it! 4.5" x 3.5" x 3" (depending on...
  • Celestite Specimen - MCEL020
    Celestite Specimen - MCEL020
    This gorgeous Celestite Specimen has hundreds of clear, light blue crystals jutting out from all different directions!  I love how the light catches these sparkling crystals from all different angles! What a...
  • Celestite Specimen - MCEL022
    Celestite Specimen - MCEL022
    WOW!!  This incredible Celestite specimen has large blue crystals jutting out from it!  The are surrounded with smaller clusters.  This large piece would look great by your fireplace! Approx. 12" x 10" x 5...

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